Welcome to the new interactive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment from Chess.

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The Chess Cybersecurity interactive Risk Assessment is a free-to-use online interactive portal created by Chess to help IT administrators assess and benchmark their organisation’s exposure to cyber risk posture.

Based on answers provided in each module, the Chess algorithm grades your IT risk posture. A free detailed risk report, specific to your answers, is available once you complete your IT risk assessment.

  • It's online and interactive. Complete in your own time. Save progress and come back later. Upon completing each module, a risk summary and risk grade are shown onscreen.
  • It's modular. Assess your organisation’s overall cybersecurity posture or focus on specific modules.
  • It's bespoke. The results are compiled into a stakeholder-ready cybersecurity assessment report (PDF), championing your security strengths and providing expert recommendations for any weaknesses.
  • It’s free for everyone. Use it to educate teams, to convince stakeholders of resource requirements, to test your own knowledge of your network, or to benchmark your organisation’s exposure to risk.

For more information visit our FAQs page or download our sample report.

The Chess Cybersecurity IT Risk Assessment is free and does not request any personally identifiable information. The majority of this assessment assumes users are on a Windows network.

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You can click the button below to disable any modules you don't wish to be included in your final report. If you don't know which ones to select straight away, don't worry, you can disable them as you proceed...

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